Toilet Paper Origami on The Tonight Show

Watch Jimmy Fallon have fun with Toilet Paper Origami!

Toilet Paper Origami for the iPhone, iPad, Kindle and Nook

Toilet Paper Origami and Toilet Paper Origami On a Roll are available in ebook format for those who prefer electronic reading devices—or for those who like both print books and ebooks—depending on the circumstances.

It was a magic moment the first time I saw these books light up my little iPod Touch and realized the potential! While I have several designs memorized, there are more than 60 styles between the two toilet paper origami books. I find it impossible to remember them all when I’m out and about and spontaneously want to fold a toilet paper origami surprise. To be able to pull out my iPhone for the specs of any design would be perfect!

The toilet paper origami print books and ebooks each have their benefits:

  • Print Books – The 8.5″ x 11″ printed books feature 9 instructional steps per page which makes it easier for beginners to see where they’re going. These also make great gifts.
  • Ebooks – If you exclusively read ebooks, be it on the Kindle, Nook, iPad or iPhone, these are for you! The ebooks feature 1 instructional step per page for easy visibility on any device. The compactness of toilet paper origami books on an iPhone, iPod Touch, or any smart phone, makes a very convenient resource for mobile TP folders. Many housekeepers like to surprise their customers with different folds and this format is discreet, easy to transport and, on a smart phone, always at hand.

While I will continue to keep my printed copies of Toilet Paper Origami and Toilet Paper Origami on a Roll in the book basket in my bathroom, I am enamored with the way these books on my iPhone will make it easy to leave a fancy fold for a friend, a hostess—or anyone—as a random act of fun that is guaranteed to make someone smile!

Toilet Paper Origami is Always Over the Top

Historical evidence has surfaced confirming what I’ve known all along: toilet paper is meant to drape over the top of the roll. Otherwise, how is one to fold toilet paper origami? The proof is seen in the following illustrations of Seth Wheeler’s 1891 patent for perforated toilet paper rolls.  The toilet paper is clearly shown in the “over” position. Of course, for your toilet paper to be really “over the top”, you will have to embellish it with an origami fold!

Patent_US 459516-A

Thoughts for the Day

It’s a red-letter day when toilet paper origami is covered in a science blog! Check out Robert Krulwich’s story, “The Mysterious V in My Hotel Bathroom” at for his thought-provoking commentary. It makes for some good bathroom reading!