Toilet Paper Origami: Crowning Glory


Toilet Paper Origami: Fandangle


Toilet Paper Origami: Bodacious Bow

Bodacious Bow

Toilet Paper Origami: Reindeer


Toilet Paper Origami: Candlestick



Toilet Paper Origami: Celebration Cake

Celebration Cake

Wrap a roll in cellophane for a cute birthday gift!

Toilet Paper Origami: Palm Tree

Palm Tree

My Favorite Brands for Toilet Paper Origami

In 2008 when I wrote my first toilet paper origami book, Toilet Paper Origami, I tried my designs with many different brands of bath tissue, and when I discovered Full Circle, that became my favorite. Except for the Rambling Rose, I used Full Circle for everything.  It is strong, attractively embossed, and it holds a sharp crease. Full Circle is made from 100% recycled paper, so besides being good for origami, it’s good for the environment.  The only drawback is that Full Circle can be difficult to find. It was only sold at one store in my city, and eventually they stopped stocking it. Full Circle bath tissue can be purchased online, but I have since found a readily-available alternative that handles just the same (see Bright Green in the bullet-list below).

Rambling Rose, the design featured on the cover of  Toilet Paper Origami, was made with Charmin Basic 1-ply. Since 2008, Charmin Basic has changed dramatically, and I no longer like it for the rose or any other origami. I make roses with whatever I have on hand, as long as it’s not too thick, and they turn out beautifully every time.

For my latest book, Toilet Paper Origami on a Roll, I used a much wider variety of products, and, as promised in the introduction, I’ll share them here:

  • Bright Green – Bright Green is a 2-ply bath tissue from Safeway’s eco-conscious line of products made from 100% recycled fiber. Excellent at holding a crease, this is my all-around favorite. In southern California, I buy it at Vons. Bright Green was used for the following designs: Simple Elegance, Tulip, Swimming Swan, Lovely Heart, Plume, Cornucopia, Topknot, Water Lily, Fanburst, Candlestick, Pleated Leaf, Reindeer, Shooting Star, and Corsage.
  • Scott Extra Soft – This 1-ply bath tissue has an attractive but subtle embossing pattern. It handles well for soft folds or creases. It is lightweight, lovely and luminous. Scott Extra Soft was used for the following styles: Bodacious Bow, Diamond Crest, Palm Tree, Bow Tie, and Tropical Fish.
  • Cottonelle – This 1-ply wonder has the softness and strength of a 2-ply product and a one-of-a-kind ridge pattern that makes it an ideal choice for many designs. Cottonelle was used for the following folds: Diagonal Tuck, Fontainebleau, Ship Ahoy, and Pumpkin.
  • Cottonelle Ultra – This thick, weighty 2-ply paper features plies bonded together by a glue layer. The glue layer gives Cottonelle Ultra a great body that puts it in a league of its own. The embossing is a classy pattern of ridges overlaid with diamonds. Cottonelle Ultra was used for the following: Frill, Fandango, and Inverted Point. (Be sure to try Cottonelle Ultra for the fantastic Fandango. It’s the best!)
  • Angel Soft – Angel Soft is noteworthy for its embossing pattern of butterflies, dots and swirls.  It is sold in plain white or a pink and green floral pattern called “Pretty Prints”. This 2-ply product is delicate and soft. Angel Soft was used for the following styles: Celebration Cake and Pretty Posy.

Last, but not least, Seventh Generation was used for the Grand Teton and the Pillar Candle, while Charmin Ultra Soft was used for Upsy Daisy.

I enjoy using different brands, and am always on the lookout for something new to try!

Toilet Paper Origami: Corsage


Toilet Paper Origami: Tropical Fish

Tropical Fish

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